Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vampires don't exist?

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Vampires, growing up they were my favorite, be it movies, tv, comics or those picture-less comic things. Over the years I lost interest in them, still liked them but they fell by the graveside in favor of psycho's and zombies and all that. However recently they have come back (like good vampires do), partially due to the horror rock bands Blitzkid and Calabrese two of the greatest horror bands since the Misfits (yeah, I said it). Also I think because of....Twilight...look, I know everyone and their tween hating mothers have hit on this already but I was/am a monster kid/man, I grew up on monsters, everything I loved and love is monster related. Now I see kids all over claiming to love Vampires and werewolves because they are romantic and look good without a shirt. They had "I love vampires" wrist bands at the 7-11. Deep down I have been feeling the need to reconnect with my fallen fanged friends, embrace what they were, rebel against what they have become. So I say to all those who have grown tired of these body glitter, airbrushed muscle having "vampires", dig out your old Salem's lot's and Nosferatu's, whatever it takes and take back the creatures of the night!

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